Johan Andersson - Vocals & guitar
Björn Andersson - Bass
Fredrik Öhrn - Drums




Prins Carl started around 2002 as a reason to drink and have something to do.
They soon had a gathering inside and outside of the rehersal room and they noticed that the songs were pretty good.

The Singer soon quit and Johan took over. The band name at that Time was Buccaneers.
They played for a few years and then took a break when Johan moved abroad.

When he got back they decided to play again and added another guitarist and a new band name because of another band with the name Buccaneers already existed.

The name Prins Carl came from an article in a crime magazine that Björn had posten on his toilet wall, about a mass murderer boarding a steemboat outside Västerås, killing five people and wounding eight.

They are now a three piece band and have the energy of The Ramones with A fast 4-beat and a hard down stroke but with angrier lyrincs.



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