Posso Kongro

Tobbe - Vocals and guitar
Viktor - Vocals and bass
Mattias - Vocals and guitar
Eliaz - Drums



Posso Kongro was formed in december 2014 by Tobbe and Eliaz, who both are from Östersund (the name Posso Kongro has it's origins in Jämtland/Härjedalen and means sort of "giant nasty spider"). Viktor joined shortly after and also guitarist Jakob.

In 2015 the band played their first gigs at clubs and pubs in Örebro.

In 2016 Posso Kongro released their first and self-titled CD-EP (DIY) and played some gigs outside of Örebro. The same year Jakob left the band and was replaced by Mattias.

Their debut EP "063-019" was recorded two weekends during autumn and was released by Noise of Sweden on Spotify in may and on vinyl in june 2017.



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