Photo by Nikko Knösch


Stefan Lundblad - Guitar & vocals
Markel Månson - Drums & vocals
Tomas Wallander - Bass
Nicole Assine - Vocals
Ted Dawidson - Guitar
Linus Cadenius - Organ



Founded by Stefan Lundblad and Markel Månson in 2010, but the name of the band was used by Stefan for his solo project a couple of years before.

The two founding fathers met at the rehearsal room once a week to write and record melodic, swedish punkrock. After a few months a bunch of songs surfaced on the internet and a CDEP called "Vi Mot Dom" was released.

A year later they appeared on the legendary swedish punkcompilation series "Turist I Tillvaron" with the song "1996". that became an instant hit.

In 2011, an old friend of Markel came down to the rehearsal room to try out as a bassplayer for the band.
Sadly enough, Stefan and Markel didn't do a very good job to impress him. Tomas is a killer bassplayer and maybe that was the case why they fucked up the rehearsal. They were nervous, were playing sloppy and probably did their worst rehearsal ever. Why the hell would Tomas want to join them?
Well, in spite of the catastrophic rehearsal, Tomas came back the week after and Hyrda Knektar was now a three piece band.

For their first gig, at Kafe 44 in Stockholm, they got help from their friends Nicole (vocals) and Reidar (organ), and the gig went so well that they became ordinary members of the band. Also, Maria became the sixth member in the band when joining Nicole on vocals.

Their vinyl debut, "Höstrebell" was released by Noise of Sweden in 2014, and two years later the 10" EP "Vi Kommer Dö Men Först Ska Vi Leva" came out. Since the member all have families and kids things doesn't always move so fast.

In 2016, Tomas had moved to Luleå in northern Sweden and Ted Dawidson became the second guitar player, filling in on the bass when Tomas couldn't attend every gig the band did.
The same year Maria quit the band and just months later, in the beginning of 2017, Reidar quit.
Linus, best known as lead singer of the band Psykbryt, joined to play the organ instead, and forced the band to rehearse and not fika too much.



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